My name is Joe Kenney, I'm the owner of Joe’s Craz-zy Critters.

I started this business when I was a freshman in high school with my younger brother Devin by my side. This business grew from my love of animals since I was very young. I currently volunteer at a zoo, and work at pet store, and also work with monkeys through a non-profit organization that trains Capuchin Monkeys to help people who are paralyzed. In 2009 I’m graduating high school. I plan on continuing my education and follow my dream to work with animals and educate people about the important role animals play in our world. I have already started this dream with Joe’s Craz-zy Critters.

Joe’s Craz-zy Critters Shows are fun educational reptile shows with a close-up, hands-on approach to learning while having a blast. The shows feature creatures from all around the world ranging from small colorful snakes to large and I mean large a 12 + foot python. The show also stars Tortellini a large sulcata tortoise among other interesting turtles. Let’s not forget lizards and there are a variety of these including Monty, a large black throated monitor, and Blackbeard a smaller but friendly crowd pleaser lizard from Australia. There are amphibians as well, those would be the frogs. Not to be left out, Spiders, Scorpions and other creepy crawly critters are sure to send shivers down your spine and throughout the audience.

Shows typically last 1 to 1 ½ hours, they are great for school enrichment programs where the kids get to learn the differences between the species see and touch unique specimens from around the world. At birthday parties all of Joe’s Craz-zy Critters are a great hit for kids of all ages even kids in their 60’s. They all get to touch and see a large variety of creatures that truly holds the audience’s attention. I also emphasize the pros and cons about owning some of these animals. Helping people understand that many of the critters do not make the best pets based on their individual needs and or personality is part of the learning experience . Joe’s Craz-zy Critters is also great for corporate functions for a diverse audience. One of my favorite venues is to conduct shows for the young and old who have special needs. I find that exposing this group of people to different kinds of animals has a therapeutic value. During my shows some people who haven’t or don’t speak in public have opened up, asked questions, and have been fascinated by our show.

Regardless of your event, my brother, Devin and I will give you a close up experience with our Craz-zy Critters and you’ll have learned something about these amazing animals and why they are important to our world.

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